Mixed States Weekly: ‘High Tension Lines’

tension lines - a portrait

high tension lines – (c) 2013 eccentric states

During my stint as an Impatient/Outpatient, we had a weekly group that the facility was not allowed to list as ‘art therapy’ because there were no actual art therapists involved. What we created were ‘soul collages’ and were supposed to represent a feeling or a subject matter. I can’t remember what theme was for ‘High Tension Lines” but I made great use of wallpaper swatches.

The ‘soul collage’ is something I took away with me. I keep it close by because sometimes I can’t articulate myself with words. I actually have a giant stack of magazines, maps, more wallpaper swatches, pens, crayons, charcoal, watercolors, magic markers and a little desk next to my bed. It’s pretty much all I have as far as space goes but it’s a worthwhile use of it. These days I don’t really bother with a theme or subject matter. I just pick out some images and dive in.

I love art almost as much if not more than I love writing. It was my second passion (reading being the first). My love of visual art extends to enjoying it as well as making it. Images are capable of evoking so much and the viewer consumes it in seconds, taking it in and making it part of her.

When it comes to art, I’m an over-sharer, maybe. I don’t think art is valued remotely enough in the US. So I share. As for collages and mixed media, I really like Wangechi Mutu’s work and Karen Klimnik is one of my favorites.


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